"We find what we expect to find, and we receive what we ask for."--Elbert Hubbard

"May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence to the human condition.”--Mahatma Gandhi


"One morning a few years ago I awoke with unimaginable pain in my lower back.  After seeing a chiropractor and a neurosurgeon with no relief I was ready to give up... I went to my first appointment unable to sit without severe pain.  Less than one hour later I was able to sit, bend, and even put on my shoes with no help!  Things only improved from there.  Karen has not only given me back my mobility but she has become a dear friend along the way.  I have regular visits with her to improve my body and my spirit."

"Karen's ability to put me at ease made my first massage and every one thereafter, pure heaven--a satisfied client of six years."

"Our employees that participated in massage therapy were very pleased.  The fact that Karen tailored each one to the individual needs of the employee and worked around our schedule made all the difference.  We look forward to having her back soon!"

"Yoga is the one activity that I make sure to do for myself. I feel challenged during the sessions and feel deeply relaxed after the sessions."

"I am in my mid fifties and have had back and shoulder issues over the years. Karen's relaxed no competition-no pain approach was just what I was looking for. I start every class stiff and unsure if I will be able to do the poses that day and end every class relaxed and much more limber."

"For me Yoga at Soothing Solutions is a mind, body, soul/spiritual positive experience.  Karen gives it her all and never forgets inspiring, helpful patience with everyone.  Yoga is challenging, yet surely a Soothing Solution...a pleasant pause in our busy lives."

"Karen Wright IS an embodiment of yoga physically and mentally.  Her classes have depth and intensity with clarity of vision, both actual and spiritual."

“Yoga has made me sleep better at night and I feel better.”