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"To heal others is to make oneself whole, to have high-level wellness of soul, and to share that sense of wholeness with others who are in dire need." --Dolores Krieger



Massage & Yoga Services

Therapeutic Massage
massage room

Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Massage Cupping™, Hot Stone, Reiki, Prenatal, and Breast Cancer/Mastectomy massage are some of the techniques you may request during your session.  Corporate massage can be brought to your business.


Yoga Classes
yoga class
Learn about proper breathing techniques, yoga poses (asanas), and meditation tools to help you communicate with your own body.  Whether in a class at the Blue Ridge Library or a personal session in the privacy of your own home, see what yoga can do for you.


Wellness Workshops
wellness workshops

Customized presentations for your organization or company.  You might choose from Stress Management, Benefits of Massage, Breast Care for Women, Introduction to Aromatherapy, Yoga Stretches for Office Workers, Laughter Yoga, Unwind A-Z, and more.

Call us at (540) 312-8478 for information and appointments. Hours by appointment only.

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Corporate Massage

On-site massage services at your place of business.  Workers who get 15 minute massages have been shown to perform better, with reduced levels of stress and increased cognitive functioning.

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